Sunday, October 16, 2011

First Presbyterian Fall Festival

We all went out to Lana and A J Schlegel's place this afternoon for the annual FPC Fall Festival.  Lana and AJ have a beautiful place with a small lake and an island.  We have hot dogs, make S'Mores and go on a hay rack ride.  Everything is there that you need to start the fall season. 
It is so nice to have Andrew and Theresa with us now.  I have always missed him while he was on active duty, but it is so much nicer to see him here and happy with Theresa.  We are so lucky they found each other..

Friday, October 14, 2011

Theresa;s Birthday

We took Theresa out to Olive Garden for dinner for her birthday last night.  I hope it was a fun evening for her.  We are so glad to have Andrew and Theresa with us now.  The Picture of the two of them is amazing in that this is the first time since he was maybe fourteen that Andrew has voluntarily worn something that was not black and funky to say the least.  I want to make a beg deal of it, but I don't want to irritate Andrew.  He isn't all that fond of regular clothes.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Adios to Valdosta

Last week was spent in Valdosta with Andrew and Theresa helping them pack up and move back here to Haysville.  I took these pictures as bookends to Andrew's stay in Georgia.  He is leaving Valdosta with about twice as much stuff and he came there with, and  now he is also married to Theresa.  It wasn't a bad move, Theresa's Mother had access to lots of boxes and the Basset Hound puppies are excellent travelers.  Everyone will be staying with us until things get settled and organized here.  Pray for the house in Georgia to sell soon.  It is in move in condition.
Ray and I will miss going to Valdosta at Christmas.  It has been a good winter vacation for us for the last three years.  I guess we will just have to find something else.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Big Girl

Andi's hair is long enough for ponytails now.  I got her to sit still long enough to take a couple of pictures.   It was something of a shock to realize that she really isn't a baby anymore.  She is really a pretty little girl now.  It makes me glad and sad at the same time. She is also finally potty trained.  That was a long haul, but she finally decided that using the toilet is less trouble.  We are all pleased about that.