Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vacation Bible School

I am helping out with Vacation Bible School this week at church. I have a great job. I herd my group of 3 to 8 year olds from one activity to the next. Little kids are so much fun, they catch on to the songs faster than I am. I wanted to start doing more things at church since I retired, and bible school always looked like a lot of fun and it is. Wyatt is going too and he is really enjoying himself. A couple of his friends are going as well and are in his group.
I am probably going to do this again, at least until they can consistently outrun me.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fathers Day Card

This is the Fathers Day card I made for Ray. I took the whole card from the May Cardmaker magazine. I used My Minds Eye Laundry Line paper. I did the card a second time for my Dad, but changed up the order of the paper and just put Dad on the front. I really like the colors and Ray commented that he liked it too. (I know he had to say that or else, but it is still fun to hear.)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Update on Andrew

The compound fracture on Andrew's fibula, had not stopped seeping. He had done everything the doctor suggested with no improvement. We went back to the orthopedist this morning and he sent him to the wound center. Now he is going to be going there three times a week until the wound heals. It looks like raw meat, we just have to keep it looking fresh. The whole idea is sort of gross, but we are going to do what it takes. It looks like he will be here at least a month before he goes back to Georgia.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Amber waves of grain

I took this photo of Ray and Wyatt while we were taking a stop at a historical marker in the Oklahoma Panhandle. The wheat is turning, but not ready to cut yet. I tried to show Wyatt how the wheat was in the heads of grain, but his interest was pretty limited.

It wasn't long after this that I was stopped for going 110 miles an hour. To say I was dumbfounded was an understatement. I was driving along with the cruise control at 65 miles an hour when a sheriffs officer come up behind me with lights flashing. Remember, we are driving a Vue with three adults and two small children. Ray and I are not the 110 mile per hours type of folks. In fact, Ray gets on my case if I am driving 70 in a 65 area. I was picturing some sort of corrupt cop going to haul me off to jail on trumped up charges. However, she apparently decided that we were just not the type, and that there might have been an error in her radar gun. The deputy was very nice about it, but it shook me up a bit. Now it is just a good story.

Lisa and Blake

We went out to Beaver, Oklahoma on Saturday for our niece Lisa's wedding. She literally has married her childhood sweetheart. They have been together since junior high. It was a beautiful wedding and the reception was lots of fun. Lisa did most of the planning and organization herself and did a wonderful job for a twenty two year old woman. Our best wishes to Lisa and Blake.

Friday, June 12, 2009

There is a blight on our house.

At least for the moment. The crud has been going through my family like Sherman through Georgia. We know who started it. Wyatt got started throwing up on Sunday, so he brought it home from daycare. On Tuesday, his father was sick. It was my turn on Wednesday. Poor baby Andrea had it on Thursday, although she was less sick than the rest of us thank goodness. Today, Andrew and Nicole both came down with it. I feel so sorry for Andrew, because it is so hard for him to move around. I put a bucket by his bed and we seem do be doing fine now. Ray hasn't gotten it yet, but I would say his odds aren't that great. It needs to hold off for a couple of days though. We have a wedding to go to tomorrow. I am glad now that I got it early and got it over with.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Starting Therapy

Andrew went to his first physical therapy session this afternoon. He said that it was just an evaluation session. However, he will be going three times a week. The work is going to be primarily on his hand right now. However, they said when the doctor decides his leg is ready, there will be additional sessions. Andrew will be busier than he realized.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Can you identify this photo?

I took this picture this afternoon. It amused me so much that I had to post it here. Let me know what you think. I am a poor retired person, so there aren't any prizes, just the fun of guessing.

I thought things had gotten all settled down

I was wrong and we were back at ER. I was minding my own business watching television last night when Andrew called to Ray and asked him to come up stairs. I figured it was guy stuff and didn't think about it. But Ray was gone a lot longer than I expected. I went upstairs and they were all looking serious. Andrew had fallen on his left side getting out of bed and into his wheel chair. He isn't supposed to put any weight on his left leg and thought he might have.

We packed him up and drove up to the Wesley ER. I guess a young man in a wheel chair and healing wounds isn't all that scary to ER folks. It took us three hours to get in. Andrew was lucky and nothing had been moved. We packed up and went home about four AM. We spent six hours all told. Now I am trying to avoid hovering and Andrew is being more cautious in moving around. We also learned he cannot sit more than an hour and a half before his leg and foot start swelling and he starts to really hurt. I would like him to be up and around more, but now I realize that he does have limitations at this time.

Friday, June 5, 2009

My embarassing confession

I am not posting a picture of this although I could. Now that Andrew is home but using a wheelchair, we had to take up all our rugs. Actually, I like the floor without the rugs breaking it up with one reservation. We made the fashion wise, lifestyle foolish decision to put down off white berber carpet in our entry/dining area. Once I took up the rugs, we can see how dirty the carpet is. You can sort of ignore it if there is nothing to compare it too. We are going to have the carpets cleaned soon, but not till after Andrew is out of the wheelchair. It makes its own marks. Joy, joy, joy.

Andrew is bored after only one day at home. We are trying to figure out things for him to do. His regular activities are usually physical and outdoors. This is going to involve finding a whole new interest that can be done one handed. All suggestions are welcome.

Monday, June 1, 2009

They said I had to go to rehab, I told them no, no, no

Doesn't Andrew look a lot happier. He really is. He gets to wear his own clothes and move around more. I didn't even think to ask him about his pain level today because he isn't acting like he is in pain. He still gets impatient a bit faster than usual, so there must be some pain. He told us that he may be coming home on Thursday. I guess there is limited in house therapy available for him, so we will be doing outpatient treatment for a while. We will need to take the shower door down, and move the bed to the larger bedroom, but we won't have to make a whole lot of changes. You never realize how houses are not set up for handicapped people until you have to move someone with limitations into your house.