Monday, June 1, 2009

They said I had to go to rehab, I told them no, no, no

Doesn't Andrew look a lot happier. He really is. He gets to wear his own clothes and move around more. I didn't even think to ask him about his pain level today because he isn't acting like he is in pain. He still gets impatient a bit faster than usual, so there must be some pain. He told us that he may be coming home on Thursday. I guess there is limited in house therapy available for him, so we will be doing outpatient treatment for a while. We will need to take the shower door down, and move the bed to the larger bedroom, but we won't have to make a whole lot of changes. You never realize how houses are not set up for handicapped people until you have to move someone with limitations into your house.


a chick named Toni... said...

lookin better! i bet it feels good to be in his own clothes instead of those yucky hospital gowns!

JoEtta Zabel said...

I'm so glad he was able to come home today.