Friday, April 30, 2010

The Discussion

I took Wyatt and Andrea to the Burger King for lunch last week. Burger King has a play place, thus making it Wyatt's favorite eating establishment. Wyatt is off climbing all over the equipment, leaving his sister behind on the ground. However, she was not above considering trying to climb up as well. There was another little girl there about the same age. I took this photo as they were considering their options.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another goal reached

I ran two miles today. I was surprised that I did it. It just seemed to be a combination of good pacing and breathing. I was ecstatic, I thought it would take longer to hit two miles. New goal is three miles. I still am struggling with doing a Pilates curl up. I can sorta kinda do them in the afternoon, but my body just will not cooperate at six o'clock in the morning.

Don't Trifle with me!

This is an Irish Cream Chocolate Trifle. I made this caloric monster this afternoon for dessert at Wednesday Night Dinner at church. My circle is making enchilada's for the main course and a variety of trifles for dessert. This one supposedly serves fourteen people, I was luck to have a bowl big enough to put it in. I will tell you that devils food cake tastes wonderful soaked in Irish Cream coffee creamer. The chopped Andes mints add the final touch.
I am not certain if I have ever made a trifle before. Surely I did, back in the days when I entertained so much. But I do believe I will made one again. It is not that hard, but for sure not that cheap. I am looking forward to enjoying dessert tonight.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Rockin Horse

Ray found this rocking horse at a garage sale when Wyatt was little. Wyatt put a lot of miles on it before he got his jeep. Now it is Andrea's turn and it looks like she already has the love for horses that a lot of little girls experience. She will climb up on the side of the horse if we don't get there fast enough to help her on it. The picture of her and Wyatt is because brother gets a dog in the manger attitude about his old toys. He doesn't want them until his sister likes them, then he has to play with them as well. In this instance, Andrea was not amused and the force sharing did not last long.
We have flowers in our back yard that come up every spring. When we got them they were called Grecian Wind Flowers, and it was several years before they would bloom each spring. Now we have them everywhere. I haven't had much luck with crocuses, but these little white blooms are dependable.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Back Episode Over

I got up this morning with no twinges, aches or pains. So I am going to call this episode over. I won't be doing any of my heavy exercise this week. This was conveniently taken care of by having a dentists appointment today and the kids coming early on Wednesday. I like that all guilt for not working out is taken care of this way. I hopes this means I won't have to deal with it again for at least four more years.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day Three

I think I may be OK, I had a twinge this morning so I took a pill. I didn't want to sit in church and be in pain. Unless I wake up miserable tomorrow, I am going to act like like is back to normal.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day Two

I am going to keep track of this little episode. Then I will have a real time table on long the pain lasts. I went all the way through the night without another painkiller. I was lulled into the idea that maybe this episode would be minor. That was squashed when I got out of bed and I felt the twinges of pain coming back. I took my pill soon enough that nothing really happened. So now I just have to make myself not do too much just because I am not hurting.

I appreciate having the medicine available, but I don't like to take it too much or too long. I am hoping the pain will drop off in another day or two at most.

Friday, April 16, 2010


My back has decided to act up. The last time I had problems was four years ago, so it isn't like it is a chronic problem. But it does hurt. Right now, I am trying to get the right level of lodine to take to knock the pain down. Then the rest is just taking it easy until it goes away. Nothing else to do.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Flowers 2010

I planted a lot of tulip and jonquil bulbs last year and I am being blessed by flowers. I love tulips
and they never last long enough. In Kansas, they are just as likely to be blown to pieces by the wind, so I am enjoying them while I can. The grape hyacinths have been coming back for almost 30 years and I love their perseverance. The last picture is of Bluebonnets. I love Bluebonnets and I am usually lucky enough to see some when I go to the First Born Crop in April. Coming down last Thursday there were none and I was not hopeful. However, going home on Sunday, patches of blue flowers were on the side of the road. I went home happy.

Mothers and Daughters

I did fourteen pages at the First Born Crop last weekend. This one was my favorite. I had used the photo before on a page for me, but I wanted one for Andrea's album as well. I used gray Bazzill Bling for the card stock, Basic Grey patterned paper, Prima flowers and pearls beads. The butterfly was cut from a template. I lifted the idea from a layout in the February CK by Andrea Friebus.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

The weather this Easter was the best that I can remember in forever. It was warm and sunny. The kids were able to hunt eggs without parkas. My sister has a huge back yard and covers it with eggs and candy. It is an egg hunting frenzy with all the cousins running here and there picking up eggs. Wyatt is out there holding his own this year. Andrea and Clay got their own little area where they could pick up eggs without competition from the big kids.
We had a great meal. My sister made turkey and ham and everyone else brought in food. I made carrot pineapple jello salad. It was really old school and totally delicious. My Dad and Step Mom were here and were doing pretty good. I am thankful for their continued good health.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Goal Reached

I meant to post this yesterday, but it got overlooked. I managed to reach one of my goals for this year. I ran a complete mile yesterday. I have been working myself up to it, and had been doing eleven of the twelve laps for a few days. Then yesterday it happened. I ran and just kept running until I reached my mile. I didn't jump up and down, but I do feel a great sense of accomplishment. Now I am going to extend my goal to two miles. I figure that will take me till the end of the year. That is a lot more distance, but I am going to try. Now if I could just conquer that Pilates curl up, I will be happy. It is turning out to be the harder of the two goals.

Tigger's Circle Journal Page

For the last year, I have been participating in a circle journal project on the ScrapDawgs message board. I had a spell from November till now where I hadn't done anything. This week has been a good one for me scrapping and I finally got this page done for Tigger. Her theme was five random things about yourself. I used the paper from the Paperworks kit and spritzed the flowers with Glimmer mist and highlighted with Smooch. When I look at this page, this is all about me. This is my style, what I am most comfortable with doing. I hope she likes it.
I have one page left to do. The theme on it is where I live and I think I am going to have fun with that too.