Monday, April 23, 2012

Pages from a Sketch

I know that sketches are nothing new, but every now and then I need a reminder that a sketch is a very useful tool when creating pages.  I made the pages using the sketch from "Sketches for Scrapbooking, Vol. 1" this weekend.  It took me about a half hour each to make the pages.  I still need to do the journaling but for simple pages they make me happy. 

The reason I did the different pages was to demonstrate to  my Scrapbook Basics class the flexibility and range of choice a sketch gives you. The top two pages used Graphic 45 "The Magic of Oz" paper.  The third page used Pink Paislee Nantucket paper.  Every one of them uses the left side of the sketch.   To be honest I had never done anything like this before and to see how versatile one sketch could be was a lesson for me as well.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mother's Day Card Class May 6th

We will be making these Mother's Day cards on Sunday, May 6 at 1:00 at Across Page and Time.  I borrowed ideas from designs in Paper Craft and Card Maker magazines.  I will be the first to admit that my stuff is derivative.  But they are pretty and the mothers you love will enjoy them.  I provide written instructions for all the cards, so that more can be made if needed.  Call the store.

A Page From Vacation

I made this page the other day.  I am almost finished with the photos we took on the cruise in February.  I think this is the fastest I have ever been with a lot of vacation photos.  I used Graphic 45 Travelogue paper for a large number of the pages.  I am a real fan of Graphic 45.  The paper is about the only brand that I would buy a paper collection from and use it all.  I have one more picture to scrap and then I can move on to Easter.  Sometime I will need to catch up on Christmas.  But when you scrap,, there is always something to be done.  

I am really enjoying Theresa coming over and scrapping with me.  She has found a new hobby and skill in scrapping.  She is a natural.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter 2012

This year, I knew in advance that no one was staying in their Easter Clothes after church.  So, that is were I made everyone stand and get Easter pictures taken.  Wyatt looked so grown up this year.  He is leaving the little boy stage and moving in to boy.  I am going to miss the little guy, but he is still a lot of fun.  Andrea is loaded with enough cute for the both of them and makes the most of it.  She probably will the rest of her life.
After church we went out to Chris's for Easter Dinner and acre of eggs.  She has the best egg hunt around and no fighting occurs among the cousins.  That is enough to keep me away from the big public hunts.

The weather cooperated as well and we had a beautiful Easter.

June Class Project

This project happened because I needed a tap for the Make n Take today at Across Page and Time.  The idea is from the new Scrapbooks Etc, and I found another piece on their website.  The idea is very simple.  An old frame is refinished.  I tried crackle paint with so-so results.  Using thumbtacks fasten picture hanger wire across the back.  Cut and decorate as many tags as you wish to display.  Obviously a bigger frame holds more tags.  Hang the tags from the wire, tie a big bow and there you are.  This class is by popular demand,  everyone at the crop last night saw it and wanted one too.  Gotta love it when something turns out that well.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Boys and Toys

Ray rented this contraption, it is called a Dingo this weekend to work on the yard over at Andrew and Theresa's house. This Dingo is like a mini skid loader.  If you don't really need heavy equipment, this is a substitute. There were some drainage problems that needed to be fixed.  The house used to have a swimming pool that was filled in, but the drainage wasn't corrected.  Andrew was up at eight yesterday morning.  This is unheard of, but he was ready to get started.  Nick went over shortly after.  Ray would have been there except he had to work, but the first thing after church he was be there.  I guess they finally finished over at Andrew's, so they are going to Nick and Nicole's to do more guy stuff with the Dingo .  They are loving it.

I am officially OLD!

I turned 65 on March 21st.  This always seemed to be the point at which you become an old person at least in my sense of the world.  I don't always feel old, but I do have to admit to some awareness of not being the same woman I was thirty years ago.  Ray organized a surprise party for me.  This isn't the first time he has done this.  I suspected he was doing something, but I didn't know when, so I was surprised.  He enlisted Nicole and Theresa to help him and it was really great.  The family all showed up and wished me well.. I loved it, I admit that.  It just leaves me wondering if I should do a surprise party for him.

The KIDS gave me a Kindle Fire, I am such a geek about this stuff and I love it.  It fits in my purse and I can take it everywhere.  Ray gave me a sapphire necklace that matches earrings he gave me at Christmas.  I was so pleased with everyones thoughtfulness.  I am a blessed person.

I am leading classes again! (Visualize a happy dance here)