Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Nick Dreams of Sushi

My son in law celebrated his birthday last week.  My daughter had mad reservations for us for a late lunch at Wasabi, a sushi restaurant downtown.  All this happened before it snowed, the weather turned bitterly cold and she got sick.  Also, Ray and I are not big sushi fans. 
However, after everything was sorted out, we decided to head out to eat with the healthy portion of the family.  It took us a half hour longer to get there, but since the weather was so cold and so awful, the restaurant was not busy at all.  I imagine they were glad to see us.  Ray and I had noodles and everyone else ate sushi.  We had ordered chicken dishes for the kids, but Wyatt is going to be a sushi eater as well and he helped his father clean out his Bento Box. 
Now Andrea's birthday is tomorrow.  her dining wish is Burger King; what a difference!

Monday, January 6, 2014

First Sledding Day of 2014

When I was a child, we were given a sled for Christmas.  It was ages before we were ever able to use it because it did not snow.  We gave Wyatt and Andrea sleds this year, and the weather cooperated and provided snow for kids to sled.  The temperature was only 15 degrees, but with the sun shining it was tolerable.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas 2013

We had Christmas twice this year since the Blomberg's went to Florida for Christmas.  Amdrew and Theresa received seafood from Florida.  We got wine.  A good time was had by all.

New Years Eve

We had a fun New Year's Eve Party last night with the family.  Andrea was dressed for the evening in her ball gown.  There were plenty of snacks and board games to be played.

New Years Day project

There is little doubt in my mind that I will probably post several things tonight and then nothing again for the rest of the month.  December was busy but not hectic.  The Christmas shopping was done without a lot of rush and stress.  This was also one of the seasons where I have been updating and refurbishing the Christmas decorations.  Now, I would like to decorate all year around, but I just don't have it in me to keep putting things up and then putting them away.  That is why I like Christmas, I put the decorations up and everything stays up for at least a month.  I have time to enjoy them.
We have had a wreath to put over the garage door for several years, but it wasn't quite big enough.  Ray wanted it to surround the light, not hang under it.  All the ready made wreaths were too expensive, so this year I hit the sales and got a big wreath and decorations at 70% off at Michael's.  There are solar powered led lights on the wreath which were 75% off at Lowes.  I think the total cost for the finished project was about $65.00 which was less than the original cost of the unfinished wreath.  Now there is just a year to wait to see how it looks.