Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Nick Dreams of Sushi

My son in law celebrated his birthday last week.  My daughter had mad reservations for us for a late lunch at Wasabi, a sushi restaurant downtown.  All this happened before it snowed, the weather turned bitterly cold and she got sick.  Also, Ray and I are not big sushi fans. 
However, after everything was sorted out, we decided to head out to eat with the healthy portion of the family.  It took us a half hour longer to get there, but since the weather was so cold and so awful, the restaurant was not busy at all.  I imagine they were glad to see us.  Ray and I had noodles and everyone else ate sushi.  We had ordered chicken dishes for the kids, but Wyatt is going to be a sushi eater as well and he helped his father clean out his Bento Box. 
Now Andrea's birthday is tomorrow.  her dining wish is Burger King; what a difference!

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