Sunday, August 31, 2008

Isn't he handsome?

Wyatt was a ring bearer in a wedding last night. Andrew Weaver and Tracey Eskew got married. We have known the Weaver family since Andrew was in kindergarten. Wyatt went down the aisle without any problems, swinging the pillow all the way. It was a big incentive that Best Man Daniel Weaver was holding a bag of skittles. The wedding was at a local winery and the setting was really beautiful.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Road Trip

Every since Wyatt got his jeep, he has wanted to drive it to the park. He has finally gotten the steering down, although he likes to spend a certain amount of time driving around in circles. So Tuesday evening we went off to the park. He loved it, he gets thisreally serious look on his face and moves right along. Papa supervised to keep him on the bike path. We don't let him sit in the cars anymore. It would be too easy for him to release the break and roll into the street. In reality, since he got the jeep, he doesn't ask to "drive" the cars any more.
That is a Norwegian flag on the jeep. Wyatt found it in the still cluttered guest bed room along with an Australian flag. They were gifts from exchange students. The flags are simply the red flag and the blue flag.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back in the Groove

I finished up this layout from July 4th last night. I feel like everything is starting to flow again with my pages. It seems like I lose imagination if I don't scrap regularly and have to start over again and my pages show it. But I like this.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

First pages "finished" in my new room

This is the layout I attempted to do while my room was being worked on. I could scrap, but the sense of not having things available to me was really hard. I sat down and finished the pages last night and they are now in Andrew's album. This starts the fourth album I have done for him. Since he is single, I feel it is important to capture things he has done now, so when he finally gets married and has a family they will know what his life was like before. Guys just don't generally keep track of stuff like that.
I also decided to post this since I am now going to be making some income directly related to scrapping. (This is every scrapper's secret dream) I am going to be teaching classes at Scrapbook Garden. This is the largest LSS in Wichita. I took a lot of lessons there when I first learned there was more to scrapbooks than Creative Memories. I have spent a lot of Friday nights cropping there as well. Now that I am in the process of preparing for my first classes, I am very excited. I want to thank my friend Toni for recommending me. I do believe it is going to be fun.

Why it pays to be nice.

I bought these two wing back chairs yesterday at an estate sale. I wanted a comfortable chair for my new scrap room, but usually when I go to sales it is to look for pottery. On Friday, I stopped at a sale on east 21st Street. I looked all around and saw these two chairs in the living room. The were forty five dollars each. I knew that about the best I could do at a store was one hundred ninety nine dollars on sale. These are in wonderful condition, not quite the pattern I had considered, but look at the price. However, I couldn't buy them then, since I was driving my car and had no way to take them with me.
I decided I would go back on Saturday morning and if I was meant to have a chair, they would still be there. I did and they were! I went to pay the lady for one of them and this other lady said she wanted them and would take them both. She got sort of aggressive about it, and I decided that it wasn't worth the strife even though now it was half price day and I could get both of them for forty five dollars.
Then the amazing part started, the other lady insisted that the chairs had been on sale two for forty five dollars the day before and she wanted them for twelve fifty each. Remember I had already said I would pay the asking price. She was not operating from a position of power. The lady running the sale whispered to me to stick around, so I wandered off, found a back up chair and came back. When I came back, the chairs were mine. I loaded them up into the Vue very happy with the way everything worked out.
I got home and Ray helped me get them unloaded. He said we should keep both of them in the living room since they matched. They also go with the walls and carpet. We took the chair that had been in the living room down to my scrap room where is fits perfectly.
Don't you just love it when things work out?

It's Done!

Actually, the work was done by Monday night. But I have spent the last several days moving back in. I have so much stuff to get rid of. The spare bedroom is still a disaster but this room looks great. I have the chair from up in the living room, so people can come in and sit even if they don't want to scrap. Thank you again Nick and Jaimie for all your hard work. I love it, love it, love it.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

98% Complete

I was actually really excited this afternoon when Nick and Jaimie started putting the cabinets and shelves up. I really like how everything looks. The counter top hangs over about 8 inches, so if I have a couple of people over, we can all sit at the counter and work. I am going to put a good part of my pottery collection that I had in this room on the top shelves, and the other shelves will hold my scrap stuff. I bought a cabinet to put my sewing notions in on the wall under the window. They still have to put on the base boards and the folding door on the sump pump space, but they think they will be done with that tomorrow evening. I am so wound up about this!

Almost there

We are almost there. The tile is down, the walls are finished and the cabinets are being put together. I can envision the room as it is going to look much more easily now.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wyatt this weekend

This weekend was the community wide garage sale. Unfortunately it rained and kept the number of people down from what normally comes out. However, Wyatt made out like a bandit. Our next door neighbors had a jeep for sale. Papa bought it even though it is pink and purple. Wyatt doesn't care, he has a Jeep now. He spent all the dry periods yesterday and today driving around the yard. His other vehicle doesn't go on the grass, so this is a big improvement. He doesn't have the steering down yet, but that will come quickly.

Wyatt spent the night with us on Saturday. He spent a lot of time playing with his Brio train set. That is when he wasn't driving his jeep. I liked this one of him putting his track together.

At the end of the day

Here is a picture of Nick and Jaimie laying the tile this afternoon. You can see where the ceiling fan has been installed and the mounts for all the recessed lighting is in too. Next weekend, the tile will be finished, grouted and sealed. That leaves the trim, doors and at long last the counter top and cabinets. Haven't they done a great job?

Scraproom Update

I painted the walls on Thursday and Friday evenings. I am going to glaze them after the tile is down on the floor. Nick is putting vent covers up right now. He is going to start tiling next. I keep complaining about not being able to get to my stuff, so I took a picture in the door of our guest bedroom. You can be certain, that a lot of this is not going back into my new room.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm trying....

I am really trying to enjoy scrapping without all my stuff. It is hard. I really miss my good trimmer, and my guillotine trimmer for my photos. More whining later.

Surprise Lilies

One of my favorite flowers are surprise lilies also known as naked ladies. The plants come up int the spring with lots of green leaves then die down. Nothing happens until late July or early August when stalk with clumps of lilies start popping overnight. This year has been really good for the flowers. This is the most flowers I have had. There are beds in both the front and back yard. They won't last long so enjoy them.

Flying Children

We had friends over this weekend for a barbecue and swim. The kids had the best time in the pool. Wyatt had already spent a couple of hours earlier in the afternoon and was content to sit on the "floatie". One of the little girls however, love to be tossed into the water. She has it down, tucks into a ball and off she goes. "Do it again, do it again " was all we heard. Wyatt is getting good in the water too. He understands holding his breathe and likes to go under the water now. He is automatically doing the kicking and arm movements for a dog paddle. I am pretty sure he will be swimming in the next few weeks. That will be a relief to me, I am always a little worried about him doing something when an adult isn't around, even though I know he can't get into the pool without the ladder. That always goes into the pool when the adults get out.
I had to show the grill full for the first time. It holds a lot of food, but we made a good effort to eat it all. I made fresh peach cobbler. Ray had picked peaches at an orchard down in Belle Plaine on Thursday.

Weekend 3 Update

It is hard to see from this photo, but this just does not show up well. The walls are being texturized. It is about halfway done. Then they will spray primer over the texture and I will paint the walls. This should all be done by next weekend. I am then told the ceiling will be finished. After that tiling the floors is the next big project, but Nick says that will only take a day. It is really coming along. Now all I have to do is make sure that the yellow color I picked is what I really want.