Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why it pays to be nice.

I bought these two wing back chairs yesterday at an estate sale. I wanted a comfortable chair for my new scrap room, but usually when I go to sales it is to look for pottery. On Friday, I stopped at a sale on east 21st Street. I looked all around and saw these two chairs in the living room. The were forty five dollars each. I knew that about the best I could do at a store was one hundred ninety nine dollars on sale. These are in wonderful condition, not quite the pattern I had considered, but look at the price. However, I couldn't buy them then, since I was driving my car and had no way to take them with me.
I decided I would go back on Saturday morning and if I was meant to have a chair, they would still be there. I did and they were! I went to pay the lady for one of them and this other lady said she wanted them and would take them both. She got sort of aggressive about it, and I decided that it wasn't worth the strife even though now it was half price day and I could get both of them for forty five dollars.
Then the amazing part started, the other lady insisted that the chairs had been on sale two for forty five dollars the day before and she wanted them for twelve fifty each. Remember I had already said I would pay the asking price. She was not operating from a position of power. The lady running the sale whispered to me to stick around, so I wandered off, found a back up chair and came back. When I came back, the chairs were mine. I loaded them up into the Vue very happy with the way everything worked out.
I got home and Ray helped me get them unloaded. He said we should keep both of them in the living room since they matched. They also go with the walls and carpet. We took the chair that had been in the living room down to my scrap room where is fits perfectly.
Don't you just love it when things work out?

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Enuk's Mom said...

That's awesome LB and I love those chairs. What a "B" that other lady was, who was she to go to someone's estate sale and be like that. I'm glad you got them and what a great deal.