Sunday, September 28, 2008

Making Diapers

It has been a quiet week for posting. Work is hectic and not worth talking about anyway. I have been tired and not doing anything in the evenings. I had thought I would take a picture of something, but had no idea of what it would be when Nicole came over with her project.
Nicole had used cloth diapers with Wyatt but they aren't like the old cloth diapers I used with her and her brother. These are shaped with Velcro fasteners and cost a fair amount of money. She likes them; I would rather use disposables despite the damage to the environment. Non the less, she found kits for the diapers on a website and ordered a set to sew herself. I set up the sewing machine and serger in the sewing corner of my new craft room and here she is making diapers for the new little boy or girl who is coming in February.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

End of summer

Ray is closing the pool today. Since Wyatt enjoys the water so much, we thought we would use it after Labor Day this year. But, the weather turned so cool for most of September, we didn't get in one time. The leaves are beginning to fall and Ray does not like having to get in the water when it is 60 degrees or less. So now we have to wait for warm weather to swim again.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Basics Class

I taught the Scrapbook Basics class today. It was a lot of fun. I liked talking to people about getting started scrapping, and everyone seemed to enjoy the time they spent with me. I do this class again in a couple of weeks and it should go even smoother.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricane Clouds

Driving home from church today, we noticed the clouds were all in these long streams coming out of the southeast. I cannot recall seeing the clouds formed up like this before. I could be wrong, but I believe this is going to be the primary effect plus mild winds that we are going to see from hurricane Ike. I can't complain.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Thinking about South Texas

It is raining here this morning, and you can't help thinking about the people in south and central Texas who are getting ready for Ike to hit. We were in Galveston in March, after seeing Biloxi this summer, I can easily imagine what can happen there. It is a given the whole island will be underwater. I really don't want those folks to have a hurricane hit that will outdo the one they still talk about that hit a hundred years ago.

The same emotions are there for Houston. We lived there and the idea that flooding would be bad enough to get to the places we lived is mind boggling. I figure it could easily happen to the house in Katy. It was built in what were formerly rice fields.

As a Kansan, I still feel safer dealing with tornadoes than I ever would with a hurricane. I am praying for everyone there.

First one down

I taught my first class at Scrapbook Garden last night. It went as well as I expected it to go. The class was small fortunately and a book class. That meant the people in the class pretty much knew what they were doing and I just answered questions and made suggestions. I was monitored by a more experienced (putting it mildly) instructor named Kay. She made suggestions very subtly and now I understand much better how to present this class. I am rewriting my outline and when I do the class again, it will be much smoother. Either way, I really enjoyed myself.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A memory to keep

There isn't a photo for this. Tonight, Nick, Nicole and Wyatt came over for dinner. We grilled steaks, and had a delicious dinner. After dinner we all went out in the back yard and made s'mores in the chimenea. Wyatt was here and there all over the yard coming back to eat a marshmallow. The adults sat in the darkness, eating gooey treats from our child hoods and enjoying great conversation. Ray and I are blessed to have Nick and Nicole living so close to us. We are also blessed that they like to spend time with us as well. This is my memory to keep.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bo Bunny Album Class at Scrapbook Garden

I am going to be teaching the class for this album at Scrapbook Garden. September 11 at the east store and October 7th at the west store. I really enjoyed making this album. The only problem I had to deal with was setting up a template for cutting the big pieces for the pages. Now that I have that figured out everyone should have a great time making this little book.

Monday, September 1, 2008

At the Plaza

We went to Kansas City for the day yesterday with the Nick, Nicole and Wyatt. We ate barbecue, walked all around the plaza and watched Wyatt throw coins into a fountain. After the first time he wanted to throw coins in all the fountains, then he wanted to go in and get money out. We had so much fun and got to get out of town for the holiday too.

Wedding Pages

Nicole was over scrapping today, she got a mini album done. I did these pages of the wedding Wyatt was a ring bearer for on Saturday night. I really like this layout. The elements and colors all tie into the themes for the wedding and reception, even though there is only one photo of the bride and groom on the two pages. After all it is all about Wyatt.