Saturday, August 29, 2009

Circle Journal Pages for Debbie Fitz

Here are my pages for Debbie Fitz's circle journal pages. Her theme is Your Favorite Piece of Advice. There have been a few of these pages that make you think. But when it all came down to one thing I believe this is it.
I used Moravia by SEI for this page. This is my new favorite line of paper. I bought more today when I picked up the embellishments for this page.
I had set a goal for myself of doing two layouts for the circle journals this month and I made it. I have to get it in the mail on Monday.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Boys and Toys

Wyatt was over this afternoon. After Ray had finished with his tasks and dinner, we were sitting on the front porch. Then Wyatt insisted they have truck races down the wheel chair ramp. Ray is so willing to play with Wyatt, but then again do men ever get tired of playing with trucks.


Our Hydrangea is blooming beautifully this year. Normally, the flowers have been white, but this year they are tinged with pink. I love hydrangeas, we have two more small ones planted and hope they will start to bloom in the next couple of years.
We have two whiskey barrels in the back yard. This is the prettier of the two. I planted begonias, geraniums and ground cover. There was dusty miller too, but it never took off.

Monday, August 17, 2009

On his feet, but not standing alone.

Here are a couple of pictures of Andrew when he and Ray were on their way back to Georgia. They stopped in Rossville, Tennessee to visit the childhood home of John Ross. The rest of my family are direct descendants of John Ross the principal chief of the Cherokee who led the Cherokee from Georgia and Tennessee.
Andrew is using the walker. He has been evaluated by the doctors at Valdosta. He is on convalescent leave for another month. He is getting a new brace for his hand and a bone stimulator for his leg. It is just a slow process.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Time for another old photo

This photo was taken Easter morning in 1952. My mother is holding my sister Chris who was about seven months old at the time, my brother Jeff was almost three and I was five. This was back when everyone still wore hats. I think the picture was taken at my grandmother's farm. That would explain why my mother was in the picture. My mother made both my dress and my sisters.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Old Guys

I made this card for Ray's brother. Lonnie is having his 50th birthday tomorrow and I think this is entirely appropriate. The paper is Creative Imaginations Old Guys Rule. I love this paper. I first bought it about a year ago in Denton Texas. This time I found a set at Hobby Lobby, I snatched right out of my friend Toni's hands. Part of the appeal is the fact I have an old guy. But the whole set is fun and funny. I like working with it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Candice's Circle Journal Page

This is my circle journal page for Candice. Her theme is "What inspires me." This was a hard one to nail down. I spent a lot of time trying to think of people like Mahatma Gandhi and the like. Unfortunately for me, I am too shallow I guess. No one famous came to mind. Then I realized that inspiration comes in many forms, and Andrea is an inspiration to me. The wonder she brings to each day is amazing.

Doing these pages in the 8 X 8 format has made it easier for me to dabble with digital scrapping. I don't think I will ever stop putting paper on pages, but there are times when doing at least part of the page digitally makes sense.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Junebug Cards

Here are four of the twelve cards in the Basic Grey June Bug Card Kit Class that I will be doing at Scrapbook Garden in September. Basic Grey cards always surprise me. I am not impressed with the designs on paper, but once they are made, I really love them. These cards use a doily page which is elegant and bling rhinestones. All the cards have sparkle and style. The cards are not so detailed to be difficult, but not so simple as to be boring to make either. Come take the class if you are in Wichita. Check the schedule at

Good News

Andrew got pretty much good news from the orthopedist at Fort Benning. He doesn 't need more surgery on his leg. The doctor there said the same thing the orthopedist did here. The lower leg takes a long time to heal. He is having Andrew start using something called a bone stimulator. There was more concern about the nerve damage in his arm. He prescribed a custom brace which will do more to support and remove pressure on points where the nerve needs to heal.

I am satisfied at this point.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

News from Georgia

It rains a lot in Georgia, Ray tells me. However, it hasn't stopped him from playing golf. I believe golf every day was a primary attraction for him going down there. I think it is neat that he is getting to do what he wants. I like traveling with him more than anyone else. But, I think part of our success is that we are both willing to bend to the others wants and so neither of us really gets to do all that we would like personally. This trip lets him do that. I get the same freedom when I go to the First Born Crops.

The fracture on Andrew's lower leg isn't healing like the doctors think it should. He has been referred to the regional hospital over at Fort Benning. He goes for review there tomorrow. I am glad Ray will be able to go along. They are talking about another surgery to re-set it. I am not going to think about the logistics of that until after it happens. Who knows, I may be going to Georgia for a couple of weeks too. Ray is coming home Saturday. I am not going to think anymore about this until I have to think about it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My list

Since Ray has been gone, I set a goal of doing some of those little things that I had been neglecting. I made a list; lists are my lifeline, I don't accomplish anything without one. So far over the last week, I have taken care of almost all of them. I have one big project that I put on the list that I may or may not get done. That is painting the lawn furniture. The weather has turned hot, and so it is a lot less appealing.

I did get the carpets cleaned last night. I knew they were dirty, I had posted about that. However, it is embarrassing how much better they look, especially the upstairs dining area. I am pledging to get them cleaned more often.

I am now being the carpet nazi and making people take off their shoes before coming in the house. I only can make that last about a week though.

Here is to the pleasure of clean carpets.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Just for fun

Here is a picture of my Dad, sister, brother and I. My mom took this picture about 1960. It was in the back yard of our house in east Wichita. As it usually is with younger people, all my daughter commented on was how awful our hair was. I told her, that this haircut was why I made her have long hair until she was old enough to decide how she wanted to wear her hair and got it cut.