Wednesday, August 5, 2009

News from Georgia

It rains a lot in Georgia, Ray tells me. However, it hasn't stopped him from playing golf. I believe golf every day was a primary attraction for him going down there. I think it is neat that he is getting to do what he wants. I like traveling with him more than anyone else. But, I think part of our success is that we are both willing to bend to the others wants and so neither of us really gets to do all that we would like personally. This trip lets him do that. I get the same freedom when I go to the First Born Crops.

The fracture on Andrew's lower leg isn't healing like the doctors think it should. He has been referred to the regional hospital over at Fort Benning. He goes for review there tomorrow. I am glad Ray will be able to go along. They are talking about another surgery to re-set it. I am not going to think about the logistics of that until after it happens. Who knows, I may be going to Georgia for a couple of weeks too. Ray is coming home Saturday. I am not going to think anymore about this until I have to think about it.

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JoEtta Zabel said...

You are probably very correct in your thinking about how the two of you have managed to get along through the years when so many other marriages fail. It's nice that each other share the same interest, but one should have their own identity as well. Sounds like you two have that.