Saturday, April 30, 2011

Basic Grey Hopscotch cards

The class to make these cards will be offered at Scrapbook Garden on May 10th.  There are several interesting techniques on these cards that will be usable on other cards or pages. 

I am doing things a bit differently now.  The kit provided has the materials for cards.  It finally has been brought home to me that the class can only make six cards during the class period, at best.  Now, I will choose the ones that have the interesting technique to do and the class picks the rest of the cards, but I am not guaranteeing more than five cards to be done in class.  The rest will be able to be completed at home.  I have actually been moving towards this for a while, but now this is how the class will be done as a matter of course.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fathers Day Clock

I made this clock for a class I will be doing in early June at Scrapbook Garden.  The base kit is from Kaiser Kraft, they do a lot of neat wood kits.  The paper is from Prima, and the little Fleur de lis are from Jolee's.  I really like the final piece.  It took me a while to decide how to do this since I wanted to make it sort of "manly".  In the long run, I think I was successful.  The June Schedule is supposed to be posted today, so look at to confirm the date and to sign up for the class.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Picking Berries

Theresa and I went out and picked strawberries and blueberries on Saturday.  We picked two gallons of strawberries.  They were sooooo good.  I ate a lot of them, we made a fruit tart and strawberry limeade out of the one gallon and Theresa took the second gallon home to her parents.  I could not think of a successful way to get some home or there would have been strawberries and blueberries in my carry on.
We  picked some blueberries as well.  Picking blueberries is hard work.  It was hot  and we had already been out in the sun for a while, so we didn't get that many of them.  I am sort of sorry Andrew is leaving Valdosta, I am starting to get familiar with more of the local food places.  That really means I should work harder on finding our local farmers.

Once Upon a Springtime

Everyone who signed up for this class on blind faith will be rewarded tonight.  We will be making an accordion album with a cover.  The project is one of the Pinecone Press/Graphic 45 Options class.  First off, I love the paper.  I bought the whole set before I even knew I was doing the class.  It is springy and girly.  The album is perfect for a baby girl album which I what I am planning.  I made a cut paper picture from this paper for the basket auction.  I am giving this to the grandma who bought the picture her new grand daughters room.  The main interest in the project is from the cut paper.  I used stickles to add sparkle to the fairies and flowers. 

I also made a tri-fold mini album from the book as well and an example of another project from the book.  As I said, I think people will love it.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Day 2011

We celebrated Easter today with Andrew and Theresa.  We had a great meal and Theresa made this great fruit tart.  We also had strawberry limeade and managed to finish off the gallon of strawberries.  Tough work but we were u[ to it.  We go back home tomorrow and will miss the two of them.  But it will be great to see the grand kids again.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day Two

I have completed two days of having a daughter in law.  It is more of a concern having a daughter in law than it was when I acquired Nick as a son in law.  As I think about it, I think part of the concern is that I was a daughter in law for so long.  My relationship with Pauline was different and far from perfect.  I do have to be clear that we did not have a bad relationship.  I loved her and and I think she probably was fond of me as well.  I didn't like her a lot of the time though.

With that in the back ground, I want Theresa to like me.  I don't want to be overbearing or bossy or thoughtless or any of the things women complain about when we get together and talk.  I always envied my friends who had the husband whose mother was fun, interesting and a good friend to her son's wife. 

How do you get to be that person?  I have no idea.  It sounds a lot like raising kids doesn' it?  You just do the best you can and be yourself.  At least that is what I am going to try to be.  I made my little mother in law statement today, just like I did to Nick. " I will always tell you what I think.  If you don't do it, I won't be bent out of shape, but I will always make my opinion known. " Everything else will be winging it. Wish me luck.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Andrew & Theresa's Wedding

Andrew and Theresa were married yesterday April 20, 2011.   They were married in the court offices in Atlantic Beach which is part of Jacksonville.  We all had a great but tiring day.  We are lucky to have Theresa become part of our family.  Andrew and Theresa wanted to go to Clark's Fish Camp for dinner after the ceremony but it was too early,  so we stopped at Panera's for coffee and a snack before.

Clark's is what I imagined a  true North Florida eating place would be.  The Camp is a rustic building on pilings on the river.  There are more stuffed animals than at Bass Pro Shop.  People can come up in their boats to eat and enjoy the view.  We were able to see a wild manatee in the river too.  It was the first one I had ever seen in the wild.  I was really impressed.

We drove back to Valdosta that evening.  Andrew and Theresa spent the night at the Fairview Inn Bed and Breakfast as a gift from us.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Au Revoir Kenton and Kathy

You don't always remember your first encounter with people.  However that was not the case with Kenton Allen.  One of our neighbors had hosted an exchange student and she had come down to visit Ray's brother about hosting.  They weren't interested, but we were.  She went home and called the Allens.   Within hours Kenton had called us and at the end of the call said he might have someone for us.  The next day, he called again and said, "I have this Swedish boy named Anders Warnestad that would be a perfect match for you."  And so Anders was.  This was in June of 1983.  This was how the Allens placed students,  some one was interested, they were matched.

Over the course of the next twenty years we got to know the Allens much better.  We hosted nine more students and served as area reps for several years.  We believe as firmly as Kenton and Kathy in the greater good of allowing students to visit homes in other countries as a means to furthering understanding.  We could never ever have the abiding committment to accomplishing that goal that Kenton and Kathy have had.

Kenton and Kathy were both teachers while they handled placements in the early years, Then Kathy retired from teaching to do AISE (American Intercultural Student Exchange) full time.  A few years later Kenton followed her, but it certainly was not retirement.  They were busy twelve months of the year.  First in placing students in homes.  They accomplished a difficult task of getting every student  they were assigned a home and school.  Then during the school year they monitored the students, planned activities and trips.  Kenton and Kathy also did the hard stuff of sending kids home who didn't follow the rules.

After Andrew graduated from high school, we decided that we were done with exchange students, our focus changed.  We would talk to Kenton and Kathy every now and then, so we never lost touch.
Last night we went to a retirement party for them.  After over 30 years, Kenton and Kathy have placed their last Swede, German and Brazilian.  They are moving to New Jersey to be near their children and more importantly the grand children.  We will miss them, but I know that the organizations they worked for will miss them more.  No one will ever  be more convincing than Kenton.  Best wishes and good luck!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ten on Ten (Actually Eleven)

This is my first month to post on the Ten on Ten photos idea.  I am no where near ready to post anything to the Ten on Ten Blog, but I am at least starting.  The first thing I have to learn is to remember to take the pictures. It is harder than I realized to remember to take a picture an hour over the course of ten hours.  I hope next month is easier.

 A self protrait. I am in my workout clothes which is what I start out in five days a week.  I used my purse camera this time since it is easier to take out and around than my DSLR.
 My running shoes at the Y.  I need new shoes,  they aren't worn out on the outside, but over a year of running every day has made the cushy go away.
 The grape hyacinth by the front walk.  This is the most beautiful they have been in years.
 Ray, working on a project.  He is so much more organized than I am.
 Andrea with her spare pair of big girl panties on her head.  She will be pottie trained sooner or later.

 Wyatt playing a game on the computer.  I am still surprised at five year olds being computer savvy.

Below is Gabe,  I like this picture of him too.  It is one of his Jabba the Hutt poses.

I made this wall hanging at the crop in Denton. I am donating it to the Basket Auction at Church this weekend.
A piece of Frankoma Pottery from my collection.  I love this color, it is Redbud.  Just like spring.

This is usually the last thing I do before I go to be.  Unload the dishwasher.  For some reason, I just hate to do this task in the morning.