Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ten on Ten (Actually Eleven)

This is my first month to post on the Ten on Ten photos idea.  I am no where near ready to post anything to the Ten on Ten Blog, but I am at least starting.  The first thing I have to learn is to remember to take the pictures. It is harder than I realized to remember to take a picture an hour over the course of ten hours.  I hope next month is easier.

 A self protrait. I am in my workout clothes which is what I start out in five days a week.  I used my purse camera this time since it is easier to take out and around than my DSLR.
 My running shoes at the Y.  I need new shoes,  they aren't worn out on the outside, but over a year of running every day has made the cushy go away.
 The grape hyacinth by the front walk.  This is the most beautiful they have been in years.
 Ray, working on a project.  He is so much more organized than I am.
 Andrea with her spare pair of big girl panties on her head.  She will be pottie trained sooner or later.

 Wyatt playing a game on the computer.  I am still surprised at five year olds being computer savvy.

Below is Gabe,  I like this picture of him too.  It is one of his Jabba the Hutt poses.

I made this wall hanging at the crop in Denton. I am donating it to the Basket Auction at Church this weekend.
A piece of Frankoma Pottery from my collection.  I love this color, it is Redbud.  Just like spring.

This is usually the last thing I do before I go to be.  Unload the dishwasher.  For some reason, I just hate to do this task in the morning.


monica said...

Great pics! The kiddos are too precious. Glad you were able to play along! :)

Carrielyn said...

Love it! And you're look so GREAT!!!!!