Saturday, April 2, 2011

Skater Grrl

I made this page last night when my friend Toni was over to scrap and then finished it this morning. In most circumstances, I will have already posted the photos that I use in layout, but this is an exception.  I took these pictures of Andrea on Wyatt's skateboard yesterday afternoon.  She is firmly convinced that if Wyatt can do something she can do it just as well.  Nick helped her put the pads and helmet on and Andrea practiced standing on the board and looking cute.  She is halfway to being an expert.

I used Graphic 45 "Once Upon A Springtime" paper, Jenni Bowlin vintage buttons and hemp twine.  I getting to where I am able to do the pleated flowers quickly.  I really like being able to make those and truly match the paper.  I am not quite there, but I am still working towards making less "simple" pages.  This one didn't even have a direct inspiration from a page or a sketch.

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