Thursday, March 31, 2011

Reading Blogs

I bought my first sets of Copic Markers this week.  I thought about posting some pictures, but that is even over the top for me.  Copic Markers are alcohol ink markers.  Stampers love the because the colors are wonderful and the colors are blendable.  What that means is there is a learning curve and also the strong probability that since there are 340 some colors, you  will never never stop buying them.  Their popularity started with the manga and comic book artists, so when you see the intricate manga drawings you are seeing Copic colors.
By now you should be asking yourself, "What has this got to do with reading blogs?"  That answer is that, the modern way to learn about something is to find the people who have written about it.  When it comes to these markers there is a lot of stuff written.  There is also a lot of stuff on YouTube too, but that is another post.  I spent a good portion of yesterday reading and a part of today.  Now I am ready to go practice some more.  Maybe then I will write about how to do something with Copic Markers.  Nah, not too likely.

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