Friday, March 4, 2011

It is Friday

No photos today, I just wanted to write something.
The kids came over so Nicole could go to work.  Andrea refused to get dressed this morning.  Not even to get her diaper changed.  So she was exactly the way she was when she left here last night.  Unpleasant to say the least.  I had one of those momentary flashes of insight and offered the chance to take a bath.  Andrea said "No!" as she proceeded to strip off her pajamas and head for the bathroom.  This is one of those instances of "What I do, not what I say."  Now it is 45 minutes later and she is still in the tub .  Wyatt needs to leave for pre-school in half an hour, so I am getting up from here every little bit to ask her if she is finished.  So far, the answer is no and she means no.
Our good weather has gone away.  There was talk of snow,but I think that only further north will be blessed with that.  Fine with me.  I am tired of snow, rain is preferred this time of year.
That probably will fix my urge to type.  I have to make so many corrections.  I am a terrible typist.  But I dislike it less now with the computer and spell check. The old days with a regular typewriter and correct type were awful.  I am digressing here, but younger people don't realize how wonderful it is that your word processing program will check your spelling and grammar for you.  It isn't always right, but it is right more often than I was when I had to use a typewriter.

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