Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rescue plan? What rescue plan?

There isn't much to celebrate here in Kansas about the rescue plan that was announced last week. The program is designed to work on the big issues in the bigger states.
Here is Kansas, we don't have houses losing value at such a rate that people owe more than the house is worth. What we have is people who were sucked into second mortgages by sub prime lenders who lent up to 125% of the homes value. The program doesn't help those people.

We do have a few people who are current on their mortgages, but if the rates go up they might not be able to afford the payments, but if their credit scores are not high enough no lender will make a loan because the program is voluntary on the lenders part.

You want to know an ugly secret? the lenders who are still lending because they were conservative through everything leading up to this don't believe any of these borrowers need any consideration because they shouldn't have been made loans in the first place. My lender side does not disagree.

The people I really do feel sorry for are all the people who have lived solid financial lives. Had good livings out at the aircraft plants and are now being laid off. Most of them will be OK for six months to a year. If things don't improve by then, what will they do? These folks won't qualify for help because they aren't employed.

I don't want to be saying the program is bad. It isn't, it will help all those people in California, Nevada, Florida, Michigan and Arizona who are hurting. I just wish it would help the people I have sitting at my desk every day.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Family Pictures

We did a lot of family pictures tonight. I really wish Andrew could have been here. We needed photos for Ray's mothers birthday tomorrow. We are wanting to give her pictures from all the children. I uploaded a lot of pictures to a memory card for her digital photo frame as well. It was convenient too because I have pages to do for Scrapbook Garden that need family . I like it when I have class samples that are going to go into an album. Wyatt was a regular Bart Simpson, making faces and running away, but we did manage to get a few where he cooperated. Andrea just lay there and looked around. She hasn't gotten used to having a camera pointed at her all the time yet.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Its a brand new day

Pity party over. Work is still a mess, but it is getting better. It was sort of embarrassing to have a melt down like I did. But, that is in the past now.
I haven't taken many pictures since I have been sick for so long. Today is the first day that I haven't felt bad. I hope I stay healthy for a while. These constant colds just get me down.
These pictures were taken the last part of January. Ray baked brownies one afternoon and Wyatt got to lick the bowl. So we have our typical messy face. The other picture is of Nicole and Andrea at her baby shower. My niece Christa gave the shower and did a wonderful job. I always keep saying it is about time for the younger generation to take over some of these get to gethers. Maybe it is finally going to happen.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Grow up he said

I am still feeling whiney about work. I came home and was telling Ray all about my woes. He listened for a while and then told me that I had nothing to complain about. My feelings were hurt for about two minutes and then I realized he was right. I put myself together and went over to see Nicole and the grand kids. I felt a whole lot better after that.
The test will be tomorrow when I have to face the work world again.

Why aren't things slowing down?

I am retiring the end of March. It looks like a decision may be in the works for my replacement. I am happy, for that, I want to have some continuity when I leave. But where is my slowing down time? I am going crazy! Every problem I can think of has jumped up and wanted attention in the last few days. At this moment, I can't even think of where to start, every thing wants to be taken care of now.

Then there is the little matter of having bronchitis and continuous colds since the first of January. I am tired all the time and generally just tired of issues having to be faced. I know that I will just have to hunker down and deal with one thing at a time, but right now I am feeling overwhelmed and would like nothing more than to go back to bed and pull the covers over my head and ignore it all. That won't happen, so I guess I will put my coat on and go to work.

(Aren't posts that are filled with "I"s annoying? This is definitely one of those. But, this is my blog and I needed to get this out of my system.)