Friday, September 12, 2008

Thinking about South Texas

It is raining here this morning, and you can't help thinking about the people in south and central Texas who are getting ready for Ike to hit. We were in Galveston in March, after seeing Biloxi this summer, I can easily imagine what can happen there. It is a given the whole island will be underwater. I really don't want those folks to have a hurricane hit that will outdo the one they still talk about that hit a hundred years ago.

The same emotions are there for Houston. We lived there and the idea that flooding would be bad enough to get to the places we lived is mind boggling. I figure it could easily happen to the house in Katy. It was built in what were formerly rice fields.

As a Kansan, I still feel safer dealing with tornadoes than I ever would with a hurricane. I am praying for everyone there.

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Enuk's Mom said...

I hear you on your thoughts Lynette...I've been worried about Maroof in Houston. I've called the boy and left a message but he hasn't called me back so I don't know what he is doing...but since he is Nigerian and has not experienced something like this...I'm afraid he may try to ride it out.