Sunday, August 24, 2008

First pages "finished" in my new room

This is the layout I attempted to do while my room was being worked on. I could scrap, but the sense of not having things available to me was really hard. I sat down and finished the pages last night and they are now in Andrew's album. This starts the fourth album I have done for him. Since he is single, I feel it is important to capture things he has done now, so when he finally gets married and has a family they will know what his life was like before. Guys just don't generally keep track of stuff like that.
I also decided to post this since I am now going to be making some income directly related to scrapping. (This is every scrapper's secret dream) I am going to be teaching classes at Scrapbook Garden. This is the largest LSS in Wichita. I took a lot of lessons there when I first learned there was more to scrapbooks than Creative Memories. I have spent a lot of Friday nights cropping there as well. Now that I am in the process of preparing for my first classes, I am very excited. I want to thank my friend Toni for recommending me. I do believe it is going to be fun.

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a chick named Toni... said...

Well I am sure you will enjoy it. I bet it feels good to scrapbook in your new room! Looks great! Don't forget to take pictures of what you do for class and post on your blog!