Sunday, April 1, 2012

I am officially OLD!

I turned 65 on March 21st.  This always seemed to be the point at which you become an old person at least in my sense of the world.  I don't always feel old, but I do have to admit to some awareness of not being the same woman I was thirty years ago.  Ray organized a surprise party for me.  This isn't the first time he has done this.  I suspected he was doing something, but I didn't know when, so I was surprised.  He enlisted Nicole and Theresa to help him and it was really great.  The family all showed up and wished me well.. I loved it, I admit that.  It just leaves me wondering if I should do a surprise party for him.

The KIDS gave me a Kindle Fire, I am such a geek about this stuff and I love it.  It fits in my purse and I can take it everywhere.  Ray gave me a sapphire necklace that matches earrings he gave me at Christmas.  I was so pleased with everyones thoughtfulness.  I am a blessed person.

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JoEtta Zabel said...

Wow...can't believe I missed your I hope you had a great one. Sounds like you did.