Sunday, April 1, 2012

Boys and Toys

Ray rented this contraption, it is called a Dingo this weekend to work on the yard over at Andrew and Theresa's house. This Dingo is like a mini skid loader.  If you don't really need heavy equipment, this is a substitute. There were some drainage problems that needed to be fixed.  The house used to have a swimming pool that was filled in, but the drainage wasn't corrected.  Andrew was up at eight yesterday morning.  This is unheard of, but he was ready to get started.  Nick went over shortly after.  Ray would have been there except he had to work, but the first thing after church he was be there.  I guess they finally finished over at Andrew's, so they are going to Nick and Nicole's to do more guy stuff with the Dingo .  They are loving it.

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