Friday, June 5, 2009

My embarassing confession

I am not posting a picture of this although I could. Now that Andrew is home but using a wheelchair, we had to take up all our rugs. Actually, I like the floor without the rugs breaking it up with one reservation. We made the fashion wise, lifestyle foolish decision to put down off white berber carpet in our entry/dining area. Once I took up the rugs, we can see how dirty the carpet is. You can sort of ignore it if there is nothing to compare it too. We are going to have the carpets cleaned soon, but not till after Andrew is out of the wheelchair. It makes its own marks. Joy, joy, joy.

Andrew is bored after only one day at home. We are trying to figure out things for him to do. His regular activities are usually physical and outdoors. This is going to involve finding a whole new interest that can be done one handed. All suggestions are welcome.

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a chick named Toni... said...

Does he like puzzle books? There are always movies or video games. Too bad you don't have a can bowl sitting down if you wanted to!