Friday, June 22, 2007

A general update

This is a photo of a trestle for the old mining rail line going up to Cloudcroft New Mexico from Alamagordo. There is a hiking trail that takes you closer to this one and another trestle. I want to hike it next year. I was crawling over the guardrail and getting too close to the edge of the canyon for Ray's comfort trying to get the pictures I took this trip.
The picture is just decoration for this post. Before I left on vacation, I whined about things that were going on. Nothing has been totally resolved, but people are moving on. My son in law has part of his legal issues taken care of and the attorney is working on clearing up final issues. My mother in law is going to be moved up here to live. Her doctor has declared her unable to live on her own. It is now up to Ray and his sister to settle where she is going. It is stressful for both of them. My car has been repaired and I am now very cautious when I put the top down. Life is not back to dull yet, but it is improving.

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