Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wyatt is a little boy now.

We had Wyatt's picture taken at Portrait Innovations today. It is pretty nifty. They do pretty nice poses, and you get your package about half an hour later. However, Nicole and I made the mistake of setting the appointment for Sunday afternoon the week before Easter. It was packed and took an hour before we were able to get the pictures done.
Needless to say Wyatt was less than cooperative. There were shots of him running out of the frame, there was one picture where he looked like we were going to hurt him. However, because he is photogenic even when he isn't cooperative, we got one good shot. In the long run, that was all we needed. Isn't he cute?
We won't make the same scheduling mistake in the future. Any future photography will be scheduled during the weekdays when we know we will be able to get in with a minimum wait.


Enuk's Mom said...

That picture is adorable, but my question why didn't you take the portraits?

Toni said...

he is such a handsome little dude! he has grown up so fast! the girls think he is so sweet. haley was a little miffed that day i met you out east because sid got to see wyatt and she didn't! LOL!

Donna said...

He's such a little man now!

Toni said...

i tagged all my married friends for a spouse survey....check out my blog.