Sunday, May 4, 2008

Moving Up

I have never thought of myself as a tech type person. But I do like small electronics. A year ago last March Ray gave me a Palm PDA. This year for Mother's Day, he gave me a smart phone, a Palm Centro. The learning curve to handle the phone wasn't that bad. I was able to get most of my stuff moved from my PDA to the phone by the second day. The Centro does a lot of neat stuff, I have email and internet. I can do instant messaging as well as texting. The only thing I haven't been able to work on is the music. I am looking forward to that.
I didn't get the phone just because Ray was being wonderful, although he is. Since Ray's mother is on medicare, her income is extremely limited. He is putting her on our cell phone, and so my old number will be hers. We dropped our land line and the difference was what made having the smart phone practical.


Enuk's Mom said...

Well that is just toooooo cool. You'll be a pro at it and then when we all become can teach us how to use ours.

Toni said...

very nice! now we need your new number!