Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Old Friends

David, Alexander and Jack
Mary Ann, Alexander and Glynn

While we were in Georgia, we went up to Warner Robins to visit old friends. David and Mary Ann were stationed here at McConnell and I worked with Mary Ann. They went back to Georgia and life happened and they divorced. Luckily for us they remain on good terms and we were able to see both of them when we were in town. The last time we had seen Alexander, he was three years old. He is nine and very bright. Mary Ann's new husband Glynn is very nice too, we didn't get to meet David's wife. Glynn has the biggest barbecue grill we have ever seen. I can't believe I didn't take a picture of it. Mary Ann's bathroom is a post all by itself. Mary Ann and I talked most of the afternoon. I really do miss her.

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Enuk's Mom said...

Wow have you been busy posting away. It's good to see that Mary Ann is happy. I can't believe Alexander is 9...and David...he still looks the same. I'm glad that for whatever reason they parted (which we all thought would never happen to them) they remain on good terms.