Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Friends at Christmas

High Tea
My friends from when I worked at Bank IV got together for our annual Christmas High Tea at Cup N Saucer. We have a lot of fun and we invite family members. This year I asked Nicole to come along. Ray went once, but tea isn't what is in his cup. Wendy's daughter was surprised to learn that cucumber sandwiches were quite tasty.
On Monday night, my INTRUST friends went to Carrabas for our annual Christmas Dinner. JoEtta was posing for me, so I decided that I needed to post her picture. She doesn't do that very often on her blog.
It was so warm last night, I didn't wear my coat into the restaurant. Tonight, it is icy and in the teens. What a turnaround in such a few hours.

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Enuk's Mom said...

UH thanks alot Lynette...I try to avoid having my picture posted anywhere...LOL