Thursday, January 15, 2009

Before we all get too comfortable

I am the wife of a retired military man. I follow the military blogs because I have learned more about what is going on in Afghanistan and Iraq, than I ever have by reading the newspapers. It is just another of example of having to be there. Today, I was directed to a blog "The Yllescasfamily." This young woman is the widow of an Army Captain who was injured by an IED in Afghanistan and who died of his injuries on December 1, 2008. He left behind his wife and two small children.

This young woman writes so clearly about her grief and her struggle to get through each day. War has it costs and I think we need to know more clearly what they are. The results of the war are not just what happens on the other side of the world. It is also what happens to people whose lives are torn apart when their husband and father are killed.

I am not talking about right or wrong here. I am talking about pain, grief, fear and loss. None of us want to experience these feelings, but we need to face them to realize the effects war has on the lives of the people left at home.

This is the blog,


a chick named Toni... said...

I went to this lady's blog last night and I couldn't help but cry. God is giving her such strength. As I was reading everything I wanted to give her a hug and tell her we would pray for her too. I can't imagine (although I got close last year) what it would be like to loose my husband, especially with two SMALL children. My heart goes out to all of the military families.

Thanks for sharing this blog. It really makes you stop and reflect on your own life and what you take for granted.

Enuk's Mom said...

Very powerful...thanks for sharing. I was so thankful that Ryan's dad was in the military during peaceful times (somewhat) but at least he didn't have to go to Iraq or Afghan. I have relatives and friends that have, just like so many of us. So many families torn apart for our freedom. We should be so ever grateful to them.