Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Look at the time!

Look at the date up there. It is September first. Where did our summer go? I know that time goes faster when you get older, but this is ridiculous.
Looking back, I know that a lot happened. This was after all, the summer of Andrew's motorcycle accident. In a lot of respects I can say that two months vanished right there. I am so grateful that he was not hurt worse than he was. However, I now it is very hard for him to not be completely healed and back to normal. These things take time. He is still off work, which has to be boring too.
The top picture of the blue heron, I took yesterday at Riggs Park Pond while Andrea and I were out for a walk. I took a series of six photos, each one getting closer and closer. This was the closest it would let me get which was probably less than ten feet away. I was amazed how unconcerned the bird was.
The second picture is of Andrea exploring her world. She goes everywhere in the house. I had decided she would be a free range baby, no playpens for her. She delights in looking at everything. I learn about a new item that needs to be put out of reach every day. I am so blessed to be able to watch her for her parents.
The last photo is of Papa, Wyatt and the fireman. The Sedgwick County Fire Station near us uses our street to lay out their hose to check the condition once or twice a year. We came home the other afternoon and there they were. Ray took Wyatt over to meet the fireman and look at the truck. They got an invitation to visit the station soon.
Now that I have written this all down, I guess I have been doing more than I realized. A person never should take the day to day stuff for granted.


JoEtta Zabel said...

Congrats to Nic and Nick...cute story too...I bet Wyatt had a blast.

a chick named Toni... said...

Man that is a great close up of the bird! You are brave...I don't think I would get that close. I have this unusual fear of birds. I know what you mean about time flying...it just doesn't seem possible does it?