Saturday, June 19, 2010

Big Texan Steak House

In our part of the southwest, there are iconic places.  You have heard about this place for years; the sort of places where your family or friends have stopped and came back talking about it.  The Big Texan Steak House in Amarillo, Texas is one of them.  Everyone knew about this steakhouse long before Man vs Food or Anthony Bourdain discovered it.  It is a big tacky carnival of a place complete with Cadillac Limousines that will take you to the Big Texan for free if you are staying in any of the hotels along I40.  However, it does have good food.  None of us were up for the 72 ounce "Eat it and it's free" challenge.  I had a delicious steak sandwich, Ray had a hamburger and Wyatt had a child's rib dinner.  It was all good. 

While we were there, there were four men who were doing the challenge.  One  person fizzled out really quickly.  He probably didn't last fifteen minutes of the hour allowed.  One man did finish, so it isn't an impossible feat.  However, we did take on the unofficial Big Texan Carrot Cake Challenge.  This was a four layer slice of cake.  For reference, the plate is a full size dinner plate and before I cut the cake up into pieces for all of us, the cake covered the entire plate.  It was good and I did eat all of my share.  I am salivating right now thinking about that cake. 

Needless to say, our meal at the Big Texan kept us satisfied on the road all the way back home.

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