Friday, September 2, 2011


I always envy the people who take wonderful closeup photos of photos, birds, insects and the like.  It isn't that easy for me to get a good photo and that was the case today.  Except for once I ended up with some good close up pictures.
It didn't hurt that the subject was cooperative.  This large dragonfly was buzzing around the front yard this afternoon.  He was there when we came home and went to the house and was still there when I came back  out with the camera.  My main challenge was keeping him in focus, my camera kept wanting to focus on the background, but I worked that technical question out. He allowed me to shoot pictures of him from several angles and up very close.  It was like he was posing on purpose.
To be truthful, he is more interesting to look at in the photo that what I could see in real life.  I didn't get to appreciate his glowing colors while I was looking at him.  Up close he almost shimmers.  Thank you Dragonfly for your time.

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