Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Old Man

I was out by the koi pond this afternoon when our old cat Gabriel came out and joined me.  He is fifteen years old now.  When he joined the  family he was the kitten to two older cats.  Now he is the only one left and in true cat fashion considers himself in charge.  For thee most part he is a healthy old man.  A check of his person today before his bath revealed a flareup of a problem with the tip of his tail again that first happened last year.  The tail was  good all winter and why it is acting up again is a mystery.  Either way a trip to the vet is in his future.  That will make him look even crankier.  Gabe is actually Nicole's cat, he was supposed to have moved out when she did, but the reality of cats is that they stay where they start out so here he is.  A little older, tattier and thinner, but a good cat all the same.

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