Saturday, August 24, 2013

Random Stuff

Even when I am being random here I feel more comfortable with at least one photo per post.  This one goes back to June when Nicole and her family went to Florida to visit Nick's brother Mike.  Everyone had a lot of fun, on this day Nick, Andi and Mike and Nathan went fishing.  Nicole and Wyatt went to visit the animals.  There were shows and displays, I am told a good time was had by all..  I was given this picture of Wyatt and Nicole with some Macaws.  I knew better, but the first thing out of my mouth was "Is that bird alive."  The answer is "Yes, he just likes to play dead."  We already knew parrots have a sense of humor, this one is a bit much.

I finally swam in the new pool yesterday.  It took over a week for the water to warm up enough.  I like cool bath tub temperatures. I like the new shape.  We went from a round pool to an oval.  It isn't as big across but it is longer but it doesn't seem like it.  The pool really does seem bigger.  The pool is also about six inches deeper, so it is more fun for everyone who wants to be in the deep end so to speak. We will know Wyatt is growing for sure when He will be able to touch the bottom and have his face above the water.  Right now, it comes to his eyebrows.  I really am glad we decided to replace the pool after the storm.

I have been working for PDQ Notary for a year now.  I am so lucky to have found a part time job that I really like.  I get to do the best part of my old job and get paid for it.  My boss is great and lets his people do their job and appreciates what we do.  I hope I can keep on doing this until I can't drive to closings anymore.

Denny Stauth died a few weeks ago.  He was the best man at our wedding and was married to my friend Kay.  He was Ray's room mate when they came to Wichita to go to school.  We were close friends until he and Kay divorced and Denny went looking for something else.  Ray or I talked to him every now and then, but there wasn't a connection there anymore. Views and politics were just part of it.  We always felt that Denny could not relate to our place in life and we never got the sense that he was ever comfortable in any of the places he was at in his life.  It makes you think a bit more about your mortality when you are our age, but if we want to be in denial, we think about the fact that smoking did a lot make Denny's last years less comfortable.  If I wanted to be philosophical, I tell myself that no one gets out of here alive.  I haven't asked Ray what he thinks.

That is all for now. 

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