Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Guy Heaven

Last weekend we stopped at Bass Pro Shop in Tulsa. There are certain places that just exude testosterone. Harbor Freight is the all time greatest male store, but Bass Pro is a close second.
That isn't to say that the store doesn't try to appeal to women. There is some great casual wear, but you have to face it. The mounted animals, guns, fishing rods and boats just are men stuff. Having been to the mother store in Springfield, I viewed this expedition as an opportunity to take some pictures. I played around with exposure in shooting the water fall. I got a close up of a bee in a flower, and a carved wood snake. Bass Pro isn't like a museum, they love you taking pictures, it is a tourist destination. Ray was looking for rain gear, he didn't find what he wanted so for once we got out cheap. Next time, we may go back and eat there.


Missy said...

THey are in the process of building a Bass Pro Shop in my little town.. Good to know that I can go in and take photos..

- Cynthia said...

That is hilarious, Lynette! Glad you found a way to enjoy that haven for men. ;)

Donna said...

Gotta love Bass pro Shops!

Steve said...

I'm not really an outdoorsy guy....but I love me some Bass Pro Shop.

Rarely do I buy anything. But it is kinda like a man-church.