Sunday, May 6, 2007

Keep Greensburg in your prayers

Please keep the town of Greensburg, Kansas in your thoughts and prayers. As most of you know it was almost completely destroyed by a tornado on Friday day night. For me and many other people the pictures and videos are disturbingly familiar as we have lived through either the experience or the aftermath. People were hurt and people have died, and the rest of the folks out there are stunned, confused and feeling they have no idea of what to do next.

The positive knowledge is that Greensburg will be rebuilt just like Udall, Andover and Haysville have been rebuilt. It will be newer but not any better, because Greensburg was already good when this disaster happened to it. Just don't forget them for the next few months. If you feel inclined, donate to the Red Cross. They were the first on the scene and have been a major assistance to everyone.

As I have always said, A tornado may come, it may not come, but when it does, it is a dilly.

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Jeanne said...

they are definitely in my thoughts.