Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Parking Lot at our House

This photo is actually for the weekly color challenge which is "RED". This isn't all the red cars in this driveway. The Vue is in the garage and didn't end up in the picture. I have no idea of how we ended up with four red vehicles. At least the jeep should leave in the future when Andrew finally takes it home. My convertible fits in the category of what makes me feel like a princess which goes back a few weeks to another challenge.


Everlasting Monday said...

Jess, Cara, our brother, and Mom all have a Honda. I feel left out.

Julianna said...

haha what a neat entry for the color challenge! that is funny that you ended up with all red cars. for a while we had a gold and a silver of the same car (chevy malibu). needless to say, mom got the gold and dad settled for silver lol