Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fun at the Fair

Ray, Nicole and Wyatt went to the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson last Friday. I didn't go, but that is fine. State Fairs are once every ten year things for me and I haven't hit that yet. However, everything was new and exciting for Wyatt. He got to pet lots of animals and ride a pony. When Nicole first put him on the pony, he rocked back and forth like on his rocking horse at home. But when it started moving he really got into riding. Maybe we have a cowboy in our future.

The distance from the time spent raising your own children and watching the same learning experiences with your grandchildren vanishes in an instant. Wyatt does something and I think of something his mother or uncle did just like that. I may not have thought of it for over twenty years but it comes back immediately.

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