Monday, December 3, 2007

Dubious Grandparenting Behavior

The picture above shows an addictive behavior we visited upon our innocent two year old grandson. He loves to watch a Youtube video of the Muppets singing "Menah Menah". He is even at the point where he will sing parts of it with us now. When Wyatt comes to visit, the demand to see the video comes right after the request for a cookie and chockie (chocolate milk) Of course, being the obedient servants to this child that we are, we do his wishes. When he tires of this video, we watch another muppet video of Beaker singing "Feelings" also known as Mi Mi. Secretly, I am waiting until Wyatt figures out how to use the mouse to hit replay. I am up restarting the video every 2.28 minutes, until he finally loses interest and goes to play with his toys.


Donna said...

Too cute Lynette!

Enuk's Mom said...

That's hilarious. I am so glad to see you enjoying being a grandma. He is certainly getting to that fun stage. Christmas should be lots of fun this year.