Saturday, May 23, 2009

A bad nightmare, but not the worst.

I took this picture of Andrew last night in the hospital. He is actually in worse shape than you would think by the picture and the fact that he is texting his girlfriend. He is highly medicated and I am fairly certain than most of what he is texting is incoherent. But I am just his mother. /Both his left arm and leg are wrapped from shoulder to wrist and hip to ankle. I don't know now if he will get casted later although Ray said that he didn't think so. The nurses come in and get firm with him about doing his breathing therapy. We try to get him to do it and he blows us off. Nothing new. They are still talking about him going home on Monday. We are hoping for a stop at a rehabilitation center first. Note the blowing off comment above.
Ray took some pictures of the motor cycle. It doesn't look too bad at all. We are hoping for totalling it out. We don't want him on a bike again. In a logical world he will make that decision himself.
We were so blessed by God that he didn't have any internal or head injuries. The broken bones are bad enough. The doctor said that the healing process will be hardest on the break above his ankle, but he is young and healthy, so we are praying for the best. I am grateful to the Air Force for requiring him to wear complete protection. He came out of this a lot better off than another person without a helmet, boots and protective gear.


Donna said...

Thank God he wasn't hurt worse! I agree, no more motorcycle! Quick healing thoughts!

JoEtta Zabel said...

I so agree about no more motorcycles and Thank God the military does make them wear the gear. But you know Andrew and his blowing off whatever you say...I really do hope this brought life into perspective so that he chooses to not get on one again.