Monday, May 25, 2009

Everyone likes my hummingbird feeders

You have to look behind the green chair about even with the rocking horse tail. There is a large female raccoon busily licking up sugar water from the bird feeder over her head. A few seconds before this she had been hanging onto the post, the roof of the deck and the feeder drinking the water out of the feeder. When we discovered her she jumped down but didn't leave. She kept drinking the spilled water on the ground. Nicole tossed some rib bones out to her which scared her and she left. I had been wondering what had been emptying out the feeder every night and now we know.

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JoEtta Zabel said...

Be careful of that little guy. I think raccoons are so adorable, they look so cuddly...but I had a friend attacked by one last year trying to protect her dog (wait...or should i say 100 pound rottweieler) the ER docs had great fun with that one...they thought she was protecting a little tiny dog...she had to take 10 rabies shots that night right into the wound and then once or twice a week for many weeks.
And the dog...LOL not one fact it wasn't even going for the dog, it was protecting it's baby from the was a simple misunderstanding that turned bad.