Monday, November 30, 2009

My Christmas Trees

This is my downstairs tree
This is the little upstairs tree

I did the Christmas decorations last night. It went easier than I expected. I had sent a lot of the stuff I didn't use any more to the church bargain sale, so all I had to do was put out what was in the crates. I might even buy some more after Christmas this year. The downstairs tree is the main tree. It is decorated with all the decorations we have collected or been given since we were married. The oldest decoration is a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer which had been on my parents tree every since I could remember. The newest is a clay Hopi Madonna that we bought last year in Raton. It is so much fun to think about each piece when I put it on the tree. Wyatt helped this year and he was so excited. I don't remember Nicole or Andrew enjoying decorating the tree so much. It just is different with grandchildren.
The smaller tree is upstairs and is more color coordinated for the room. I do get to put part of my village pieces under there and I enjoy that. I am waiting to see how Andrea responds to the trees after she gets used to them. She clapped her hands when she first saw the big tree, but isn't paying very much attention, she is more interested in climbing up the stairs at this point.