Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Old Friends are good friends.

This lady is Candy Rains Timpanelli. We have known each other since the seventh grade. That is a long time. We haven't seen each other for over twenty years, that is a long time too. However, not too long ago I found Candy's name on Facebook and took the big step of asking her to be a friend. Asking people to be your friend on Facebook is sort of a big step for me. After all, what if they were to say, "Huh? Who is this?" I wouldn't really care but some little part of me would be hurt. This is still high school after all.
Anyway, Candy and I met for breakfast this morning and it was like all meetings of friends. After the first few minutes, it was like we had seen each other just a week ago. That is what friends are. I am hoping we can get together before she leaves to go home again.

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JoEtta Zabel said...

This is great...I've been reconnecting with friends from way back in the day and it is so great that it feels as though there were never any moments in between where we didn't see or talk to each other. We all just lost contact with all of my moves and thankfully they are here in Wichita.