Friday, March 5, 2010

The Wait

My mother in law Pauline is dying. The doctor has placed her on comfort care only and it will be just a matter of time until she passes away. The family is making preparations which always feels strange. We did it when my mother died, but it seems so premeditated. However, we are working on things that will make her memorial service more meaningful. It might be difficult to do that after she passes and we have to deal with with her being gone.

Pauline has been declining for a long time, and I don't know how Ray and his brothers and sister will react when she passes. They have a complicated but not dysfunctional relationship with her. I don't know how I will react. Right now, I am in that waiting state, subdued, maybe a little sad, but not grieving. I know I will miss Pauline, she has been my mother in law for forty three years and I have known her for forty five years. It has been sad to watch her lose the ability to do all the things she enjoyed. But in heaven, all pain, weaknesses and suffering are gone, and everyone is whole and happy again.

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