Friday, May 21, 2010

To the Park

I took the kids to Central Riverside Park today. It is the oldest park in Wichita. My family used to take us there for picnics and to the zoo, There is a lot of new and very nice play equipment there which Wyatt was excited to play on. The old space ship has been in the park since I was a child. However, it has been deemed to dangerous for children and now is only a landmark. As a matter of fact, there was a major community action to save the spaceship when the city was going to demolish it for the new park.
The goslings were a lot of fun too. We went over to watch a family who was feeding them on the way back to the car. The father was kind enough to give Wyatt a piece of bread to feed the geese too. All was good until one of the mother geese took the last piece right out of Wyatt's hand. It was a slick move and I think she had probably perfected it on other little boys. Wyatt shrieked, but she didn't do more than startle him. He told me his hand was wet though. I told him it was goose spit and he thought that was pretty neat.

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