Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hang On Sloopy!

Just a part of the trip

We just got back from a week vacation to visit friends in Sandusky Ohio.  We have known Jim and Phyll for almost forty years.  We met when we were stationed in Turkey.  We have been to Sandusky before but always in the winter or to go to a wedding.  This had limited our seeing the sights that we now know abound along Lake Erie. We had more fun than we had ever imagined we would have seeing things. We had thought that it would mostly be visiting and hanging out, but it was so much more.

These pictures of the light house at Marblehead, Nettie's Chili dogs and the Confederate Cemetery on Johnson Island were from our first day out.   The whole area is so pretty and green.  The Marblehead light house is the oldest lighthouse still operating on Lake Erie.  The Confederate cemetery is located on Johnson Island in Sandusky Bay.  There are three hundred graves of Confederate Soldiers who died here.  We also visited an art gallery of an artist who specializes in Lake Erie painting, an art glass gallery and we bought a concrete sea gull and piling for the yard.  That is a whole other story and I need to take a picture of the gull. 

The chili dogs and milk shakes at Nettie's were great too.  All in all a great first day.

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JoEtta Zabel said...

Once pictures...the lighthouses look so pretty