Sunday, August 1, 2010

Andrew's Back Yard

I am sure I have mentioned it before, but I do love Andrew's back yard.  His yard backs up on a small lake. This is the sort of thing I find wonderfully neat. The view is pretty too.  I had another picture I took a while back of the mist rising off the water, but it was lost when the laptop crashed.  Obviously, nothing else would do but to take another picture.  The water is so calm, there is always a mirror reflection.  What the pond does not have fortunately, is alligators.  That surprises me since they seem to be everywhere else.  But I consider that good.  The grass at the edge of the pond is floating on the water.  Every now and then some of it breaks off and floats down the lake like a tiny island.  I have never seen that at home, so I find that fascinating as well.

I have three days left in Georgia.  I guess I better find some things to take pictures of so the trip won't be a total photographic loss.  I have managed to start running so that is a plus and for the most part eating like I should too.  When I think of it that way, photos are just gravy.


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what a beautiful view...not sure I like the alligators though!