Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Never to old to rock and roll

A couple of weekends ago, Nick and Nicole suggested we go to a street party downtown.  The Automobilia Moonlight Car Show was a lot  bigger and a lot more fun than I expected it to  be.  Everyone in the family went down.  It was hot, but we all managed to sweat our way through it.  One of the bands playing was the Boogie Brothers.  Three of the members are a family we have known since Andrew was in first grade.  The two son's have recently returned from a tour with another band they had been playing with.  The separation of that band was the usual financial and maybe a little creative differences.  Andrew and Dan Weaver are talented, and are just happy to play music.  We sat through most of the evening listening to them and another musical group play on the stage.  We also looked at cars, bunches of them.  The Buick was Andi's choice of auto,  but her first pick was the tricked out bicycle.
Ray and I don't usually get into the big crowd scenes, but this was a good one.  I also decided since Ray has been talking about a regular type car for his daily use that he should get a Mini Cooper, but I don't think I have him convinced yet.

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