Friday, September 14, 2012

Andi and the Baby Animals

Ray and I took Andrea to the State Fair in Hutchinson yesterday.  Now the State Fair for me is like going to Branson, once every ten years and I am good.  My feeling hasn't changed, but this was the first time for Andi and I think she enjoyed it in spite of the rain.  Yes folks, it rained yesterday, all day.  The fact that we desperately need rain is what keeps me from complaining about being rained on  while we were traipsing around the soggy fair grounds.
When we left Haysville, it was just cloudy, but by the time we got to Yoder it was drizzling steadily.  I am also grateful that it was just a drizzle and not heavy rain.  We cranked up the umbrellas and walked around and looked at stuff.  Our main interest was the animals.  We looked at everything.  The biggest hit as always was the birthing barn.  There were lambs, a new calf, chicks and piglets.  The vet student who picked up a piglet for Andrea to visit with managed to choose the surliest one in the litter.  If you look closely you can see an evil gleam in his porcine little eye.  I have always loved piglets, but this dude would change your mind.  After this we sloshed back to the car.  Andi fell asleep immediately but woke up in order to put down a good lunch at Carriage Crossing in Yoder. 
OK, I admit it,  I had fun too.  But I still won't need to go back for ten years.

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