Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Museum of American Indian

The American Indian Museum started out as an optional visit, but we had extra time on Monday after the Capitol Tour and were able to go after all.  The museum is very modern, but allows the traditional styles of the various tribes exhibits to shine through.  Jim and Phyllis were not as interested in the museum as we were.  We all decided that this might have been a result of the fact that Native Culture is not a presence in Ohio as it is in our part of the country.  We could have spent much more time  and I would go back to visit again. 
I had read  line about the restaurant in the museum.  It was named one of the top museum restaurants in the US.  The food is all based on native foods and recipes.  There were eight stations reflecting the different tribal regions.  Each of the regions had interesting dishes.  I was intriqued by the salmon dinner from Northwest, but we all ended up with Indian Tacos.  Since we eat those every now and then we weren't being all that adventurous.

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